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Our Training Philosphy

Quantum Canine believes it’s never too late to obtain freedom and happiness with your dog (old dogs CAN learn new tricks)! We pride ourselves in customer service for our two and four-legged clients alike. Our training started as a passion and love for dogs, which turned into a passion and love for the science of dog training, which finally morphed into wanting to help dog owners enjoy a better life with their dogs!


We are motivational dog trainers laying highly on positive reinforcement based approaches, but we do not put ourselves, or your dog, into a box because all dogs are not the same. We are well versed in a variety of training methods and tools from clickers to remote collars and we understand that each dog is an individual that will respond to training differently. While we use a variety of tools to create well-balanced, well-trained dogs, our first priority is always that the dog ENJOYS training regardless of what approach we use. We have a solid understanding of canine learning theory and we are always striving to learn more by attending workshops, seminars, shadow programs and conferences by the industry’s leading professionals. Dog training is constantly evolving and dog trainers need to evolve with it!

We focus on motivation, clarity, consistency & timing as well as teaching the dog that pressure announces positive things and will hold them accountable and keep them reliable in any situation. We will work with you to develop a training plan both you and your canine counterpart are comfortable with. As training evolves and progresses, we will systematically reevaluate our training plan and goals with you as needed. 


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About Our Board-and-Train Programs

Are you struggling to train your puppy or adult dog to obey basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel? Or perhaps your dog has developed undesirable behaviors such as aggression, fear, or separation anxiety? Don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you - our board-and-train packages!


BNTs allow our skilled trainers to get multiple sessions in per day with your dog to make big progress much faster than private lessons would!Dogs coming for our BNT program must be crate trained. We will assist you with this process ahead of time if needed. The most important thing to know about BNT programs is that you must maintain results when your dog goes home. Old habits die hard, and if you don’t implement the new training, things will slide back to how they were. When your dog returns to you, you will need to rebuild your relationship and change the structure in your home. Your dog will be trained but its up to you to implement the training, keep up with progress, and build on what we've established!

Our Main Programs: 

  1. Basic or Advanced Obedience Board-and-Train Program:  Our Basic and Advanced Obedience Board and Train Programs are specifically designed to fit your lifestyle with your dog and address your goals. Your dog will stay with us for a a predetermined time, during which they will receive individualized attention and training to master on and/or off-leash obedience skills, house manners, and anything else you want addressed!

  2. Behavior Modification Board and Train Program: For dogs with more complex behavior issues, our Behavior Modification Board and Train Program is the ideal solution. This program combines training and behavior modification techniques to help your dog overcome aggression, fear, separation anxiety, and other issues. The length of the program will depend on the severity of the problem and the progress of your dog.

  3. Puppy Socialization Board and Train Program: If you have a new puppy, our Puppy Socialization Board and Train Program is designed to set a solid foundation for their future training and behavior. This program focuses on socialization, basic obedience, and potty training, and is specifically tailored for puppies aged 3-6 months and is designed to be followed up between 6-12 months with one of our Basic/Advanced Board-and-Train Programs at a discounted cost.

    Our Board-and-Train Packages Include:
    -free consult/evaluation that will more easily translate to your home!
    -go home lessons (number of included lessons depends on selected program)
    -lifetime support for any topics covered during your dogs stay!
    -remote collar (for 4+ week programs for adult dogs only)
    -training plan binder that outlines instructions, commands and markers, training information and more to ensure success
    -free video critique included for anything covered during your dogs stay for the rest of your dogs life

    Investing in one of our board-and-train packages is an investment in your dog's future. Our experienced trainers will work closely with your dog to ensure they receive the best possible training and care, and that they are set up for success in their future training and behavior. Don't hesitate, sign up for one of our board-and-train programs today!

***An in-home evaluation will help us determine what package would be best suited for your dog keeping in mind both the temperament/behavior of your dog, as well as your expectations.***

About Our Training: About
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About Our Private Lessons

Our private lessons are ideal for owners who really want to immerse themselves in their dog's training and take things into their own hands! They are also a great option to follow up with our BNT program so that you, the owner, can learn more and continue to communicate more efficiently with your dog. Our private lessons are structured to work on whatever you need or want help with the most. 

We Offer Lessons for:

-Basic Obedience

-Advanced Obedience

-Addressing Nuisance Behaviors

-Trick training & more!

-Private lessons last approximately 1 hour 

-Location may vary depending on what we are working on with your dog

-Private lessons include homework and feedback between lessons at no extra cost!

-We may ask you to purchase certain equipment/tools to help you communicate more efficiently with your dog as lessons progress

-Comes with lifetime support for any training topics covered in your lesson package

About Our Training: About

About Protection Training

Protection Training is tailored around the goals of the owner- whether its personal protection or sport based, whether you want a deterrent or a dependable dog that will bite on command but also have stability to go everywhere you go!

Obedience training is included with all personal protection packages, whether you choose to do private lessons or a board and train package. Protection training is a long process not achievable in just a few weeks. Board-and-Train packages focus on laying important foundations and biting behaviors, but regardless of what you choose, it's important to note that you have to maintain these behaviors through "refreshers" for the lifetime of the dog. Like any skill, if it's not practiced, it goes away! For this reason, protection packages may need to be followed up with either future board and trains or with private lessons depending on what you want. 

Not every dog is suitable for personal protection- many factors come into consideration including temperament and drive. Before booking a personal protection package, we will need to evaluate your dog. Evaluation costs are deducted from your package cost once you book with us!

If you're interested in protection training either in a board and train or in private lessons, reach out to learn more!

About Our Training: About

About Our Group Classes

Group training classes have limited availability for both obedience and protection. Our group training classes offer clients the opportunity to learn not just from handling their own dog, but by watching other owners handle their dogs too! Group classes are run weekly on Saturdays only - time varies depending on the class and availability of our clients. Depending on the class, we may have you purchase certain necessary equipment. Not all dogs are eligible for group classes. For obedience, we prefer clients to complete a training package with us first whether it be a board-and-train or private lessons. Exemptions may be made following a private evaluation to see where your dog is at in training. Protection group classes can be purchased following an evaluation. Prices for group classes are as follows.

We run group training classes when clients demand it. If you are interested in group training reach out to see what availability we have currently or to get your name on our waiting list!

About Our Training: Welcome
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