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We are a small family run business dedicated to both dogs and dog owners. Our goal is to bridge the communication gap and create better lives on both ends of the leash. Our passion began over a decade ago, starting out working in a kennel and dog grooming business, as well as pet sitting. Over time, we became more interested in dog training- how do dogs think, how do they communicate, why do they do what they do? What is the science behind it all and how can we leverage it to our advantage? We pride ourselves in continued learning, striving to soak up knowledge from trainers around the country as dog training is ever evolving. One of our co-owners is currently pursuing a PhD in chemistry, hence the name, Quantum Canine. While seemingly unrelated, the analytical method and approach garnered as a scientist, combined with the hands-on experience of handling many  dogs and continuously attending dog training seminars around the country, has fostered our current methodologies. Now we direct, as head decoy and training director, a competitive PSA club (see our instagram link in our side bar) and have expanded into working and protection dogs. Our competitive team holds us accountable for being able to not only walk our own dogs onto competition fields across the country with no leashes, no collars, and no rewards while competing against the best, but at coaching others to achieve the exact same thing. We pride ourselves in not only training dogs, but in training and educating the handlers/owners on the other end of the leash. We want you to fully understand what we are doing and why, so that when you get your dog home you are able to flawlessly implement and adapt our methodologies as needed. While you may not need us when you get your dog home, you can be confident in the fact that we stand behind our training and are here for you for any continued needs/questions post training. 

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